Abandoned Dog Clings to Stuffed Toy From Former Home for Support During Shelter Days

In the midst of a tumultuous new environment, Luna, a lively young pup, sought comfort in the embrace of her teddy bear. More than just a toy, the plush companion represented a connection to the familiar comforts of home left behind by Luna. Recently taken in by San Antonio Animal Care Services, Luna’s spirited nature and affectionate demeanor served as a poignant reminder of the emotional toll of displacement.

Despite the uncertainty, Luna’s steadfast loyalty to her teddy bear revealed her resilience and the enduring bonds she held dear.

Lisa Norwood, the shelter’s public relations manager, noticed Luna’s attachment to the bear. “Apparently she carries that teddy bear everywhere with her,” Lisa remarked. The bear, infused with the comforting scent of home, served as Luna’s emotional anchor. “I guess that’s her emotional support bear, as you can see.”

Despite the hurdles, Luna had a supportive team at the shelter and beyond. Enchanted by Luna’s playful energy, the Animal Care Services staff patiently assisted her through the overwhelming changes. Luna’s fortunes improved when she and her teddy bear found refuge in the caring embrace of Vermont English Bulldog Rescue.

Norwood expressed her optimism for Luna, envisioning a future where she finds a family who appreciates her vibrant personality. We have every hope that this dear dog, and her bear, will soon find a loving home!

A special acknowledgment to San Antonio Animal Care Services for sharing Luna’s story. Without the dedication of workers and volunteers advocating for animals, many would languish in the shelter system. Let’s spread the word so Luna and her emotional support bear can find their forever family!

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