Five-Year-Old Boy Finds Abandoned Puppies Under Bridge and Becomes Their Savior

Every dog should be spared the pain of abandonment and the heartbreak of being cast aside by those who were meant to care for them.

Astra and Luna, two adorable puppies, longed for the affection of their owners, only to be callously abandoned beneath a bridge amidst piles of rubbish.

Hungry and alone, they scoured the trash for sustenance, occasionally glancing into the distance with hopeful eyes, as if anticipating the return of their humans.

Unbeknownst to them, fate had other plans, as a kind-hearted boy appeared, rescuing them from their plight and showering them with the love they so desperately craved.

Rescuing the Gentle Pups

A compassionate individual stumbled upon two puppies anxiously awaiting their family beneath a bridge and promptly contacted the Three Little Pitties Rescue.

This Texas-based organization specializes in rescuing and rehoming street dogs across several states, including Washington, Oregon, Utah, Idaho, Virginia, Connecticut, New York, Vermont, and Philadelphia.

Upon receiving the urgent call, Alayna, the founder of the rescue, wasted no time and hurried to the scene, accompanied by her five-year-old son, Cash.

Arriving at the site, Alayna and Cash were greeted by the two eager puppies, tails wagging and eyes sparkling with joy.

Moved by their plight, Cash pleaded with his mother to rescue the abandoned pups.

Dubbed Luna and Astra later on, the canines showered Cash with affectionate licks, reciprocated with kisses from the delighted boy.

With gentle care, Cash scooped up Luna and Astra, carrying them to his mother’s awaiting car, his face radiant with joy knowing that these furry companions were now safe and sound.

Astra and Luna basked in the safety and joy of their journey to rescue, their hearts swelling with affection as their young savior embraced them.

Alayna beamed with pride at her son’s empathy and unwavering commitment to aiding the abandoned furry companions.

“I’ve been heavily involved in rescue for about seven years, and it has really motivated me to teach my son that we’re supposed to take care of the animals in this world. We’re not supposed to pass them by,” Alayna shared with The Dodo.

A kind-hearted volunteer at the shelter stepped up to foster the pups, welcoming them into her home with open arms and showering them with affection. Under her care, they learned manners and eagerly awaited their forever families.

Pups Find Their Permanent Homes

Two months later, Cash paid a visit to Astra and Luna. He scooped them up in his arms, showering them with affectionate embraces. The boy was filled with delight at the sight of the puppies, marveling at how they had thrived.

Astra and Luna, in turn, were ecstatic to spend time with Cash, lavishing him with kisses.

Both puppies had found their forever families and embarked on their journey to their new homes via the rescue’s transport.

Astra’s family had come across her profile on the rescue’s website, instantly captivated by her charm.

Upon holding her for the first time, they were overwhelmed with love, eagerly anticipating introducing her to Puck, their existing furry family member.

Astra’s name was switched to Zamboni by her hockey-loving parents.

From the instant Luna’s parents laid eyes on her, they were captivated. Luna eagerly anticipated embarking on a fresh journey with her newfound family.

Heartfelt appreciation goes out to Alayna and Cash for rescuing these adorable puppies and guiding them to their joyful new beginnings.

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