Abandoned in Frigid Weather, This Skin-and-Bones Dog Gets Saved at the Last Moment

Certain dogs are unfortunately not given a fair beginning in life. Through abandonment, these furry companions find themselves thrust into the unknown, struggling to survive in harsh conditions.

Keanu shared this grim fate when he was heartlessly abandoned in the woods. Left to fend for himself without sustenance or shelter, he braved the elements, facing a bleak future in freezing temperatures.

Hitting rock bottom, he had surrendered to his circumstances until two compassionate individuals crossed his path—and altered his destiny forever!

Skin And Bones

When Ne La and Adrian first laid eyes on Keanu, he teetered on the brink. That day, he nearly crossed the threshold of no return, his survival hanging by a thread.

Keanu lay still upon the forest ground, unresponsive to his rescuers’ presence. Devoid of strength, he couldn’t muster a reaction or even rise from his prone position.

The pair reached out to 1 Dog At A Time Rescue, who promptly arranged for Keanu to be taken to their veterinarian, Denisa.

“It took several hours before he started to come through and respond. He could barely lift his head at the beginning,” Jayne, one of the rescue’s co-founders, recounted to We Love Animals.

During his journey to the vet, Keanu lay in the car, placing his trust in humans. With his energy depleted, he had no alternative.

Upon reaching the clinic, Keanu swiftly received intravenous treatment. After a few hours, he exhibited his initial response. Gradually, he opened his eyes and began expressing gratitude by licking the hands of his rescuers, a heartfelt “Thank you” in his own unique way.

The Most Tender Spirit

The instant they laid eyes on him, his gentle, kind demeanor endeared him to everyone in the rescue!

“Everybody that met him just fell in love with him. Just very gentle. Very, very gentle,” Jayne remarked.

During the initial week, Keanu remained completely still. His food and water bowl stayed nearby, and he continued to eat and drink until, a few days later, signs of progress began to emerge!

He mustered the strength to rise on his paws and take a few tentative steps. Witnessing Keanu’s movement for the first time was truly heartwarming. And when he eventually ventured outside, his recovery took a dramatic turn.

In just a matter of weeks, Keanu showed remarkable improvement. He extended his walks outdoors and forged new friendships. Alongside his loyal companion, Elsa, he rediscovered the joys of playing and embracing his canine nature.

Yet, amidst all these positive changes, Keanu’s ultimate pleasure remained unchanged: reclining beneath a tree, savoring the present moment.

“He is such a gentle boy, and is so relaxed with all our other dogs. He is very much his own person, and loves nothing more than lying outside under a tree and just be,” the rescue organization shared on Facebook.

Keanu’s spirit was fully restored, evident to everyone by the gleam in his eyes, radiating happiness and gratitude for the second lease on life he’d been granted. Now, he was prepared to give back the love and support he’d received during his journey to recovery.

“He’s one of those dogs that comes around once in a lifetime. He’s a very special dog,” remarked Jayne.

Before long, he was welcomed into a warm, loving home with an incredible family. Surrounded by his loved ones, Keanu could now showcase his remarkable character and revel in endless days of adventure, free from worry. After enduring so much, he unquestionably deserved this newfound joy!

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