Shelter Dog with Cysts Under the Eyes Can’t Understand Why Nobody Adopts Her

This tale follows the journey of Dutchess, an adorable shelter dog with a heart as big as her captivating face. Dutchess found herself at OCAS (Orange County Animal Services) at the age of four, eagerly yearning for the perfect match to whisk her away into a loving home. Day after day, she patiently waited, her hopeful gaze fixed upon the world beyond her kennel, longing for the day when her new family would finally arrive.

Every time she heard footsteps approaching, her tail would spring into a joyous wag, anticipating that they were there for her. Yet, time and again, she found herself overlooked. Dutchess couldn’t fathom why everyone seemed to pass her by, but the rescuers at OCAS had a suspicion. Regrettably, visitors to the shelter seemed to judge her solely on her outward appearance, unaware of the two small cysts beneath her eyes.

OCAS posted on Facebook about how some people perceive Dutchess as unattractive due to her cysts, as they’ve been told by many. Yet, the rescuers at OCAS firmly believe that these cysts don’t hinder her in any way. Their main goal is to secure a forever home for Dutchess because they truly believe she deserves it. It’s disheartening for them to see so many people overlook her when she’s such an amazing dog. What adds to the sadness of Dutchess’s story is her unwavering love for everyone she meets.

She clung to hope with every visitor to the shelter, yearning for adoption. Then, a beacon of light emerged: RDD (Rescue Dogs Dream) spotted her post and whisked her away to a foster home within just two days. Settling into foster care, she tasted the sweetness of freedom for the first time. And the joy multiplied when multiple adoption applications poured in shortly after her placement in foster care.

The family was in search of a new furry companion after losing one of their beloved dogs. That’s when they stumbled upon Dutchess’s story and felt an instant connection. Upon bringing Dutchess to the veterinary clinic, the vet expressed concern about her cysts, noting that they seemed to cause her discomfort as she was resistant to having them touched. Although the cysts weren’t deemed harmful, the vet recommended their removal to ensure Dutchess’s well-being.

Fortunately, Dutchess underwent a successful surgery to have her cysts removed. She was then transferred to her foster home to begin her full recovery. After a few hours, her forever family arrived to take her home. They decided to rename her Lena. Everyone, including her dog brother, welcomed her with open arms. Lena’s new parents instantly fell in love with her, though they understood she still needed some time to fully recuperate.

Fortunately, she fully recuperated and could embark on adventures with her owners. What a delightful conclusion!

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