Compassionate Dog Befriends Sick Baby Elephant Rejected by Herd

Organizations like Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage play a crucial role in providing refuge for endangered species such as rhinos, zebras, elephants, and other vulnerable animals. Among these inhabitants was Ellie, a sweet baby elephant who, like many others, tragically lost contact with her parents at a tender age. These sanctuaries offer havens where these innocent creatures can receive the care, love, and protection they need to thrive despite the challenges they face in the wild. Ellie was born with several ailments that severely impaired her chances of survival. Workers at the sanctuary dedicated days and nights to feeding and nursing Ellie until her health began to recover. However, as elephants are highly social animals who typically rely on their herd for support, even as Ellie regained her health, she remained a depressed and lethargic baby lacking the will to live. Recognizing her condition, workers attempted to help her find solace with Duma, a former service and sniffer dog who is a German Shepherd.In a touching video, we witness how Duma, a K9 with a resilient Southern country spirit, aided Ellie in her struggle for survival. Under Duma’s loving and gentle care, Ellie developed a renewed zest for life. Although Ellie still faces a challenging journey of recovery, having Duma by her side makes the road ahead seem less lonely.

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