Pawsitively Heartwarming: A Dog’s Determination to Reunite with his Treat-Giving Angel

Move over, Romeo and Juliet: there’s a new love story that will make your heart flutter.

Meet Ted, a clever canine who knows what he wants, and he’s not afraid to go the extra mile to get it. Literally.

Ted, a German Shepherd Dog and Akita crossbreed, was a shelter dog in the Northwest Territories, Canada. His anxiety was through the roof, but one young volunteer named Abbey made all the difference. She gave him love and cheesy bacon strips, and Ted was hooked.

“I fed him cheese-flavored bacon strips to try to get him to love me.”

Fast forward to one fateful day when Abbey Boyd returned home from work, only to find Ted waiting for her on her deck. Yes, you read that right. Ted, the shelter dog who was supposed to be miles away, had escaped and tracked Abbey’s scent to her house.

It was a miracle and a clear sign to Abbey that they were meant to be together. Ted had found his way back to his favorite human, and nothing was going to stand in his way.

“It doesn’t really make sense how he would have chosen or found me out of all the smells… It’s just – it’s the weirdest, most amazing thing that’s ever happened.”

Now, Ted is the sweetest boy who loves going on walks with Abbey. Some might say it’s because of the cheesy bacon strips, but we all know it’s love at first sight.

Who needs a dating app when you have a loyal dog like Ted?

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