Adopted After 93 Days by His Favorite Volunteer, This Pittie is the Happiest Dog Ever

Regrettably, many dogs don’t find themselves in the company of a joyful, caring family. Each day, dogs of various breeds, sizes, and ages are deserted on the streets, left to fend for themselves.

Though the world can be disheartening, there’s solace in the fact that for every cruel individual, there are countless remarkable souls doing good deeds.

Enter shelters like the Lewis and Clark Humane Society, offering a new lease on life for many dogs. Located in Helena, Montana, this open-admission humane society welcomes over 1500 animals annually. With a remarkable 98% adoption rate, they pledge to support every dog until they find their forever home.

While some dogs are swiftly adopted, others become longstanding residents. Though it’s a step up from the streets, nothing compares to the love of a devoted family and a place to call home.

Take Bubba Jr., for instance—a canine who called the shelter home for a prolonged 93 days.

He’s a handsome lad, but being a Pitbull, he faced challenges finding a home.

In one poignant message, the shelter lamented, “People keep throwing Pitbulls around. Pitbull? Pittie? House Hippo? Slobber Monster? LCHS doesn’t care. They see me for what I am. A giant meathead loveable dog!”

The pervasive negative stereotypes surrounding Pitbulls hinder their adoption prospects.

Adding to the struggle, many rental properties aren’t pet-friendly, particularly toward Pitbulls, leading landlords to automatically decline dog ownership.

This drastically reduces adoption opportunities, leaving dogs like Bubba Jr. in shelters for extended periods.

Yet beneath their tough exteriors, these dogs possess hearts of gold, patiently awaiting the day when joy finds its way to their doorstep—or kennel.

And with a name as endearing as Bubba Jr., the shelter’s description only adds to his charm:

“If we handed out trophies to each of our dogs, Bubba J’s trophy plaque would read: “Most Likely to Kiss.” He loves to run up and give his human teammates kisses and cuddles. He’s all about his human teammates, always eager to join them for a walk or a movie on the couch. When he’s not practicing his kisses, Bubba can be found working hard on his cuddling technique or scarfing down his kibble. He is truly a one-dog team, he doesn’t need any dogs (or any cats, for that matter) to steal his thunder.”

Bubba found joy in the company of many at the shelter, yet there was one volunteer who held a special place in Bubba Jr.’s heart. Their bond was mutual and evident to all who observed.

After spending 93 days in the shelter, this particular volunteer made the heartwarming decision to give Bubba a permanent home, becoming his adoptive parent. It was a heartening moment for everyone at the shelter, marking a beautiful day indeed.

The act moved everyone so deeply that they all felt compelled to share it on their Facebook profiles. This time, they entrusted Bubba with the opportunity to express his thoughts.

Bubba’s heartfelt diary entry touched everyone deeply. The joy for little Bubba finding his happily-ever-after—a cozy bed, affectionate cuddles, and playful toys—was palpable. Yet, above all, he gained a new dad who will cherish him unconditionally.

This volunteer’s altruistic gesture underscored the significance of offering shelter dogs the opportunity they yearn for: to be loved and cared for by someone who sees their worth.

“Dear Diary, It’s day 5 in my new home and boy are things different… I love my new life in this place called “home”. Every day I wake up with my Favorite Volunteer and everyday is the best day ever!”

Consider visiting your nearby shelter if you’re considering adding a dog to your family. Who knows, you might just become a cherished volunteer, bringing joy to a pup’s life. Numerous dogs eagerly await their forever homes, yet not all have the chance to remain at the shelter until they’re adopted.

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