Heartbroken Pit Bull Gives Up All Hope After Being Returned to the Shelter Once More

It’s incredibly challenging to come to terms with a situation deteriorating after you’ve begun to see improvements. Today’s protagonist, March, a Pitbull mix, experienced this firsthand.

March was overjoyed when he learned his stay at ACCT Philly was ending and a brighter future awaited him. However, his elation was abruptly shattered when his adoption fell through, forcing him to return to the Philadelphia city shelter.

Unfortunate circumstances

The unexpected turn of events really affected the little dog. Upon returning to his kennel, he fell ill and sank into despondency, withdrawing from everything and huddling against a dreary shelter wall.

Yet, fortune was on the horizon.

Upon spotting March looking forlorn and isolated, local news reporter Dawn Timmeney felt compelled to intervene.

She hopped onto Facebook, spreading the word about just how amazing her doggo truly is, with a heartfelt post:

…I’d be a great running buddy. Imagine all the compliments you’ll get when people say, “Where’d you get that great-looking dog?” Bring the family down for a meet-and-greet and who knows … I could be running with you before March turns to April.

The post quickly gained traction, and soon after, there was a fantastic update.

ACCT Philly’s Facebook announcement declared that March had been

Fresh Start

They clarified that March didn’t exactly find a permanent home but was instead transferred to one of their anonymous rescue partners. However, they reassured everyone that March is now under the care of a highly respected local organization that will facilitate his adoption through their no-euthanasia shelter.

Upon hearing the news, March was brimming with joy, eagerly anticipating the beginning of his new life filled with affection, companionship, and pampering.

This news wasn’t just wonderful for March; it also benefited the shelter, as they now have an available kennel that can provide temporary refuge for another animal in need.

Final Word

Research conducted by the ASPCA reveals that about 3.1 million dogs enter shelters nationwide annually. With this staggering number in mind, shelters require ample space and support. Therefore, consider visiting your nearby shelter and spreading joy to these dogs by adopting them or providing companionship until they find their permanent homes.

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