For This Grown-Up Pittie, Snuggle Time on Dad’s Shoulder Doesn’t Get Old

Puppies born from the same litter typically don’t end up in permanent homes together. However, some fortunate ones do, and they are considered truly blessed.

For dogs, growing up with their own siblings, sharing common interests, and engaging in unique sibling play is a precious experience. Norman and Annabelle consider themselves “the luckiest dogs ever” because they had the privilege of growing up side by side.

Having been companions since their time inside their mother’s belly, Norman and Annabelle never fathomed a life without each other. Despite being born on Friday the 13th, the day of their birth turned out to be one of the luckiest ever.

Norman and Annabelle were simply born under a lucky star, and their heartwarming story stands as proof of their exceptional bond.

Friday The 13th Pitties

Bobby Keane and his wife, Danni, residents of Maryland, sensed that a significant shift was about to occur in their shared life.


They welcomed a pregnant Pitbull female who was only a week away from delivering her puppies.

Assuming a significant responsibility, the couple recognized the need to take action and provide the mother and her puppies with an opportunity to survive.

Indeed, just one week later, the sizable litter of 12 puppies found their way to their new home in Maryland.

Caring for a single dog is already a substantial task, but picture the challenge of raising a dozen adorable puppies along with their mother.

Despite expressing their intention not to keep any of them, Bobby and Danni found it hard to resist some of the irresistibly cute puppies.

And so, into their lives came Norman and Annabelle, the inseparable siblings.

In the usual course of things, boys tend to gravitate towards their moms, and little girls often become daddy’s girls. This pattern held true as Norman quickly bonded with Danni and her daughter, while Annabelle found a connection with another family member.

From the tender age of three weeks, Annabelle formed a special bond with her human dad, Bobby. This connection was solidified one night when Annabelle fell asleep on her daddy’s shoulder.

A routine developed: Annabelle came to favor resting on Daddy’s shoulder.

“One night when Annabelle was 3 weeks old, Bobby picked her up and put her on his shoulder, and she fell asleep. It became a regular thing after that. They bonded in that moment. He’s never tried to stop her from doing it. There will be times when she gets a little overbearing, and he makes her move until she calms down, but once she does, she comes back and falls asleep on his shoulder.”, said Danni.

This video catapulted Annabelle and her brother into the realm of canine stardom.

@annabelle_and_norman It’s her shoulder #dogdad #dogsoftiktok ♬ Riptide – Vance Joy

Several years have passed, and Annabelle continues to doze off on her father’s shoulder, despite now tipping the scales at more than 50 pounds!

Daddy’s princess will forever hold that special place in her father’s heart! Despite her size, she remains a pup at heart.

Bobby and Danni never envisioned fame or intended to thrust their dogs into the social media spotlight. Their journey into the world of pawlebrities unfolded organically, driven by the positive reception of the short videos capturing cherished moments.

“We never know what is going to go viral, LOL. We have never been social media people, and we never would have thought we’d be running a social media account for our dogs, but here we are. We don’t take it too seriously. We do it for fun. It’s our way of making a video diary of sorts of our lives with our dogs. It’s something sweet we will be able to look back on once they’ve passed.”

The three-year-old Little Monsters on Instagram and TikTok, has cultivated a devoted fanbase. Every action of these pups turns into a viral sensation, with the online community eagerly following their daily escapades.

Whether engaging in play with a massive ball…

@annabelle_and_norman Replying to @daneeelah no wonder they like it better with the cover, it doesn’t blend in with the grass anymore #horsemenspride #herdingball #dogtoys #dogsoftiktok ♬ Dragula – Rob Zombie

…or simply offering support to dad during his work.

@annabelle_and_norman How am I supposed to work in these conditions #dogdad #pittieprincess #daddysgirl ♬ All Your’n (Sped Up) – Tyler Childers

“Their day-to-day lives are pretty structured. They are still pretty young and have a lot of energy, so we do mental stimulation activities with them every day. We also like to take them on adventures, whether it’s going to a park, hiking trail, or renting a SniffSpot.”

Aren’t they the most fortunate pups? Having such loving human parents is a true blessing. Norman and Annabelle have grown into caring dogs, perfect examples of their species. This pair of American Bullies couldn’t be happier living their lives with Bobby and Danni.

Family—because it’s not just the most important thing, it’s everything!

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