Abandoned With His Purple Sweater On, This Sad Pup Curls in a Park Hoping to be Noticed

When a compassionate collective of animal enthusiasts in the Mexican town of Cuautitlan stumbled upon a pup in their nearby park recently, they sensed immediately that something wasn’t right.

The wire-haired canine was just one among several strays roaming the streets of Joyas de Cuautitlan, each with its unique requirements. However, the group of neighbors, committed to the welfare of their community’s stray dogs, swiftly discerned that this particular pup warranted extra attention.

Nestled on a bed of grass, the distressed pup sported a cozy purple sweater and exhibited signs of a troubling cough.

Because of constraints in resources and space, neighbors typically can only spay or neuter the stray dogs they come across, then releasing them back into the neighborhood. However, Beatriz Ordaz made a different choice this time, opting to take the dog home and have her cough examined.

The dog, now named Catalina the Great, was visibly grateful to be under Ordaz’s compassionate care. With a dedicated treatment plan in place, Catalina quickly began to show signs of improvement.

“My son and I give her nebulization treatments” Ordaz shared with The Dodo. “She’s doing better, but she still doesn’t have a family.”

Though Catalina’s beginnings remain a mystery, Ordaz has a hunch that she didn’t start out as a street dog. There are indications suggesting she once belonged to a family.

“She definitely lived in a house before, since she loves climbing up on her couch,” Ordaz noted. “She’s a dog who loves to socialize with people.”

Catalina possesses a gentle demeanor, much like many other dogs found roaming Cuautitlan. Unfortunately, her tale of abandonment mirrors that of countless others. In the words of Ordaz, her homeland and local area are plagued by instances of neglect.

However, Ordaz remains resolute in her mission to offer each stray dog she crosses paths with the love and care they merit, beginning with her cherished Catalina.

“I hope in my heart that someone gives this girl a chance,” expressed Ordaz. “As of now, I’m waiting for her to recover 100 percent from her respiratory illness.”

Due to Catalina’s illness, she wears her sweater without fail, providing warmth and solace throughout the day. In addition to showering her with affection and admiration, Ordaz diligently cleans Catalina’s sweater, ensuring it’s always returned with tender care.

Currently, no one has volunteered to offer Catalina a forever home, but Ordaz remains optimistic that her tale will soon have a happy ending.

Up to that point, she’ll continue to embrace the resilient girl and contemplate the lessons she’s learned from Catalina’s story.

“Dogs give us so many chances,” Ordaz remarked. “They put their trust in us, even when we’ve failed. We have a lot to learn from them.”

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