This Failed Service Dog Can’t Stop ‘Helping’ Mom by Bringing Her Random Stuff

As a young pup, Leo underwent training with Paws for Purple Hearts to become a service dog. Regrettably, he didn’t meet the program’s requirements and had to leave.

“The short answer is that the standards to pass are incredibly high,” Samantha Welborn, Leo’s mother, explained to The Dodo. “They call these dogs ‘career change dogs.'”

Leo possesses considerable emotional intelligence and intelligence, yet he occasionally employs his intellect for personal benefit. This tendency led to the termination of his service dog training.

“It’s seemed obvious to me that Leo enjoys working when it is on his terms,” remarked Welborn. “He did have a few behavioral issues, such as grabbing things off of counters or out of cupboards, that he wasn’t supposed to have.”

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Welborn welcomed Leo into his life just before his second birthday. Even now, three years later, Leo holds onto some of the skills he was taught—and he enjoys employing them in unexpected ways.

“Leo has this habit of fetching items for me daily, particularly when he’s eager for a walk,” Welborn shared. “Without fail, I’ll discover him patiently waiting just outside the shower, offering up a selection of clothing. Sometimes, he’ll even present items he knows he shouldn’t have, almost as if seeking approval.”

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Leo, following his training, brings his mom various items to assist her in preparing to leave the house. However, he does so according to his own schedule rather than hers. Employing his abilities, he persuades his mom to engage in activities like going for walks, contrary to the expectations of his trainers. Nevertheless, Leo finds success in his approach.

Though Leo didn’t complete his service dog training, many aspects of it remain ingrained in him. His mom believes he would have thrived in the role of providing emotional support.

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“If I am stressed, anxious or upset, he will always try to get my attention on him,” Welborn expressed, “I’ve been around a lot of incredibly intelligent dogs, but Leo is by far the most emotionally intelligent dog I’ve ever known.”

Although Leo isn’t officially trained as a service dog, he faithfully endeavors to assist his owner every day, regardless of whether she requires his aid or not.

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