Owner Abandons Deaf and Visually Impaired Great Dane, But Luck Is On the Pup’s Side

When Hogan, a Great Dane, entered the world deaf and visually impaired, his future appeared uncertain. He was born into what was termed a “mistake litter” and subsequently surrendered to a Great Dane rescue organization by the breeder. Fortunately, fate intervened when Crystal and her family were approached by the rescue and offered the chance to adopt Hogan. From the moment they met him, Crystal and her family were smitten and committed to providing Hogan with a life brimming with adventure and fulfillment.

As they got to know Hogan, Crystal and her family discovered the extent of his disabilities. Not only was he deaf, but he also struggled with visual impairment due to underdeveloped pupils, making him highly sensitive to light and prone to accidents. Determined to help him, Crystal found a solution in doggles, specialized goggles that improved Hogan’s vision during daylight hours, reducing his accidents significantly.

To communicate with Hogan, Crystal and her family utilize a vibrating collar, akin to a Fitbit’s vibration, to signal him to return or check in. Additionally, they employ sign language, adapting it to Hogan’s unique needs with exaggerated gestures and even inventing some signs themselves. Despite his challenges, Hogan has mastered commands like “sit,” “stay,” “come,” “paw,” “away” and “off,”, showcasing his intelligence and adaptability.

Despite his challenges, Hogan maintains a cheerful disposition and an innate desire to be close to his family. Crystal attests to his intuition, believing he knows when she needs comfort the most. While he relishes snuggling, he sometimes struggles to contain his excitement, a trait Crystal finds endearing. Weighing in at 98 pounds, Hogan is still growing compared to Crystal’s previous Great Danes, who were larger.

Crystal and her family feel immensely grateful for the opportunity to welcome Hogan into their lives. He not only brings joy and light but also unexpected enrichment to their family dynamic. Hogan’s spirit shines as brightly as the sun, a testament to his beautiful soul.

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