Rescue Dog’s Dream Comes True As New Owner Takes Him Home

Photo: Naperville Area Humane Society

For more than a year, a lovable dog named Major eagerly waited every day for someone to take notice of him.

Despite his affectionate nature towards humans, the resident of Naperville Area Humane Society (NAHS), located in Naperville, Illinois, couldn’t understand why he was continuously overlooked for adoption.

“None of us could figure out why [Major wasn’t getting adopted], because he really is a great dog,” says Kristen Funk, executive director of the NAHS.

“Unfortunately,” she added, “I think that when [an animal] spends too long at a shelter, people tend to think there is something wrong with him or her. I think he fell into that stigma.”

Photo: Naperville Area Humane Society

While staying at the shelter, Major the puppy would play and have fun with fellow dogs, as well as regularly take walks with NAHS staff.

Despite all the love and care that he was given, a true family and home are something amiss with him.

As time went on, the staff at the humane society are saddened, especially that Major, who enjoyed his time at the shelter’s office, hasn’t been taken up and adopted yet.

Funk admitted that the situation was “tough” for those who supported him, adding: “He was very much beloved by staff and volunteers, so every day that went by without him having any interest [from would-be adopters] was hard to see.”

Photo: Naperville Area Humane Society

As luck would have it, a truck driver named Jose called up the NAHS to look for a new dog that will accompany him whenever he is out and about, especially at work.

That’s because the man was mourning the death of another adopted dog that he once owned.

A light bulb moment ensued for executive director Funk. “We knew that he had to meet Major,” she remarked.

Once everything was settled, Major was walking out of the shelter happily, together with his new human owner. Overjoyed by his dream of adoption coming true, the cheerful pup was all smiles as both he and “dad” enter the truck.

Photo: Naperville Area Humane Society

The NAHS staff were just as joyful as they saw their favorite pup finally come home.

“We were all smiles and happy tears over here,” Funk exclaimed, “and still are!”

Major now feels at home with his new owner, Jose. Nowadays, the puppy savors every moment with his adoptive father, journeying throughout the nation and tucking in together during the night.

Funk says that the shelter is “so thrilled to hear that Major is enjoying his exciting life on the road.”

“For a dog who never liked to be alone,” she noted, “he has found the perfect situation and will forever be with his person.”

Source: Naperville Area Humane Society

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