Heartless Owner Abandons Dog Locked Up In Tiny Kennel with Free Sign on It


Trust is a fundamental value deeply cherished by humans, defining the longevity of our relationships. Yet, regrettably, some individuals confine this principle solely to human interactions, neglecting the trust of animals. Far too frequently, dogs who wholeheartedly trust their owners find themselves forsaken, left to fend for themselves on the streets.

The aftermath of such betrayal leaves lasting scars, making it arduous for these loyal companions to rebuild their faith in humanity. Today, we’ll delve into the tale of a gentle dog abandoned in a desolate kennel along a bustling highway.

A Tale of Heartbreak

Nova, a truly exceptional dog, endured a challenging beginning. Despite yearning for a simple life, she found herself abandoned by her owner, left roadside with a heartbreaking “free” sign on her kennel.

The cruelty of such an act is unfathomable, compounded by the fact that it occurred along a bustling highway.

Thankfully, a compassionate individual spotted Nova and refused to turn a blind eye. Taking action, they shared her story online, appealing to rescue organizations for assistance.

Unexpectedly, Madison Nygard, a dedicated volunteer with Pawfect Match Rescue in North Carolina, responded promptly to the plea for help.

She recounted to People magazine: “I was on my way. I had seen it a couple of minutes after it had posted it. I got to Nova before the post hit the hour mark.”

Upon arriving, she was shocked to discover the distressing sign on the kennel and pondered over the identity of the perpetrator.

Nova’s Fresh Start

She engaged in a brief conversation with the animal control officers accompanying her, but ultimately, she made the decision to assist Nova by rescuing her.

Nygard transported Nova to a veterinary clinic in North Carolina for a thorough checkup and potential treatment if she was unwell.

Expressing her thoughts, she stated, “I was aware that by bringing her into the house, she would have a full belly, and I could closely monitor her physical condition”

Under Nygard’s foster care, Nova could finally unwind and relish moments of joy, seizing every chance to express her gratitude.

She bonded effortlessly with everyone in the household, and Nygard was delighted to witness her remarkable strides after overcoming numerous challenges.

Although she cherished her time with them, her foster mother was still in the process of finding a permanent home for her and had identified a few prospective adopters.

However, the adoption process would take some time to finalize. In the meantime, she relished the comfort of a loving home filled with treats, toys, and a devoted family to nurture her.

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