Unwanted Black Pit Bull Has Her Life Transformed into a Fairytale

Prejudices abound in our world, particularly when it comes to animals, with dogs often bearing the brunt of misconceptions. Among the most pervasive is the belief that Pit Bulls are inherently unadoptable.

This biased mindset has sadly led many to dismiss the idea of welcoming a Pit Bull into their homes, leaving these dogs to navigate life alone.

Thankfully, there are exceptions to this rule, as demonstrated by Caitlyn. With little hesitation, she chose to provide a loving home to one such Pit Bull.

Her decision would alter her life in ways she never imagined…

The outset proved far from simple.

When Liv, a Pit Bull, was discovered as a stray, her condition was dire. She was severely underweight, bore signs of overbreeding with a sagging stomach, and her ears were misshapen, possibly due to a botched cropping.

Despite her rough appearance, Caitlyn of Charlotte, North Carolina, couldn’t help but be drawn to Liv’s sorrowful eyes, which spoke volumes of her hardships. Despite already having a Pit Bull at home, Caitlyn knew she had to take Liv under her wing, becoming her foster mom.

“We are excited to announce we have started our next adventure, but this one isn’t a road trip! We are fostering Liv! ❤️” she wrote in her Instagram post. “This sweet little girl is still taking some time to adjust. She is very skittish & nervous, but loves to sit in my lap and will literally hold my hand all day long!”

Given Liv’s troubled past, her transition wasn’t easy. But with time, she began to settle in, finding her place in her new home.

“Baby Liv may be little, but she has a HUGE heart. I have watched her transform in less than a week with us from a terrified girl who would barely wag her tail to stealing Tot’s toys, pushing him out of the doorway to go first and chasing us through the house.” Caitlyn shared in a recent Instagram post.

Now, you’re likely curious about Tot. Allow me to share the most heartwarming aspect of this tale.

Tot was her passport to a joyous existence.

“She would not go for walks until I started bringing Tater Tot on the walks with us,” Caitlyn told GeoBeats Animals.

Their bond was instantaneous, and soon Liv and Tot became inseparable. Their connection ran deep, not only due to their shared breed but also because they had both endured similar challenges in their past lives; Tater Tot was also a rescue.

What truly stood out in this narrative, however, was Tater Tot’s selective nature. Despite being generally reserved with unfamiliar dogs, especially new ones, he formed a special connection with Liv.”

“I was terrified to do their meet & great. One night, she accidentally knocked down her gate. It fell on my foot & I could barely walk 🤣 it hurt so bad and bruised literally my entire foot,” Caitlyn shared on her Instagram. “She darted out to meet Tot, they started playing while I prayed it didn’t turn into a fight and the rest is history.”

Even though Liv had already found her place within the family in a sense, she remained officially in foster care. The bond shared between her and Tot was what ultimately convinced Caitlyn to make a permanent change in this Pit Bull’s life.

From that moment forward, Liv ceased to be Liv and instead became Sweet Pea, a name lovingly bestowed upon her by her new mom. But what truly mattered was her newfound status as a cherished member of the family.

At last, this black Pit Bull had found her rightful home.

She flourished in the presence of her favorites.

Since arriving at her new home, Sweet Pea has undergone up to five surgeries. Among her most prominent injuries was one on her face, which lingered for quite some time.

However, following the successful healing of that wound in her latest operation, all traces of her previous hardships vanished, paving the way for a much brighter chapter to unfold.

Despite enduring a tumultuous past, Sweet Pea flourished into a dog overflowing with love and affection. She relishes in resting her paws on her mom’s hand, receiving gentle head pats, and offering comfort to her loved ones in times of distress. Her family means the world to her.

“Even to this day, she doesn’t go for a walks unless the three of us are together,” Caitlyn shared with GeoBeats Animals. “It doesn’t matter if the TV is on, it doesn’t matter what’s going on as long as I am with her or Tater Tot is with her.”

This devoted trio frequented Caitlyn’s mom’s workplace, where a sprawling field offered the dogs ample room to frolic. Sweet Pea would romp with her sibling before positioning herself protectively beside her mom or granny. Even off-leash, she never strayed far from her loved ones.

Despite the hardships she faced, this Pit Bull summoned the last ounce of strength to endure and triumph over adversity. Her family was her driving force, the very essence that gave her life purpose.

Most importantly, this black Pit Bull exemplified to the world that love conquers all prejudice and stereotypes, emerging victorious in the end. All it takes is finding the right companions.

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