Puppy Who Struggles to Gain Weight and Survive Gets All the Help and Strength from Rescuers

Having a dog isn’t a walk in the park. You need to be prepared for any challenge that arises and be equipped to handle it.

But what about when you’re faced with a tiny puppy battling to thrive, struggling to gain weight?

In such instances, seeking assistance from a seasoned professional who understands these circumstances is paramount. Entrusting them to aid the dog is often the best course of action.

Let’s delve into the tale of a petite pup grappling with weight gain, whose rescuer made the choice to intervene and lend a hand.

Navigating a Challenging Healing Process

Upon arriving at her rescuer’s, Sweetpea faced significant health challenges. Her weight was dangerously low, and urgent assistance was imperative.

Despite not having a clear plan, her rescuers were determined to do everything in their power to aid her.

Upon assessment, it was evident that Sweetpea was weak and severely dehydrated. Subcutaneous fluids were administered promptly to address her condition.

Throughout the night, the rescuers opted to provide Sweetpea with numerous small meals, hoping to improve her well-being.

After 36 hours, there was a noticeable improvement as Sweetpea began eating her meals and gaining some weight. This was a positive indication that she could fully recover if she continues progressing.

Day by day, Sweetpea’s recovery is remarkable, with her caregivers ensuring she’s consistently fed.

She’s mustering the strength to begin moving and walking, though it’s still a bit challenging, so she’s taking it at her own pace.

Over time, Sweetpea’s enjoyment of mealtime became evident to her rescuers, as she eagerly awaited her feedings.

At four weeks old, Sweetpea’s emerging personality and playful behavior are becoming more apparent, signaling positive changes ahead.

Incremental Advancement, Day by Day

Before long, she’d be racing around. Sweetpea would toddle around her shelter in little loops, then take breaks. It was utterly endearing.

She still needed to pack on a bit more weight before they could safely run any tests or diagnostics on her.

But once that hurdle was cleared, her rescuers wasted no time delving into what was ailing her.

They discovered she had hydrocephalus, affecting both sides of her brain. Treatment was on the horizon, though it would be a journey.

She underwent therapy in an oxygen chamber, spending some time there. And after emerging, there was a visible improvement in her condition within just a day.

Sweetpea is now a bundle of joy, constantly frolicking and eagerly awaiting her next meal. Her newfound enthusiasm even shows in the gentle sway of her tail, a heartwarming sight indeed.

After two months of dedicated care and remarkable progress, Sweetpea is thriving. She recently made a special appearance at an adoption event, where she charmed everyone present.

During the event, the staff surprised Sweetpea with a thoughtful gift: a beautifully handcrafted bandanna made just for her. It was a touching gesture, reflecting the love and support she has received.

Although Sweetpea’s journey to finding her forever home is ongoing, her rescuers are committed to accompanying her every step of the way. They take joy in witnessing her gradual recovery and growth.

In the meantime, Sweetpea will continue to revel in playful antics with her canine companions, savor delicious meals, and bask in the affection of those who hold her dear.

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