Ditched for His Incredibly Rare Condition, This Special Rottweiler Finds His Forever Home

From the very beginning, Yeti stood out as an exceptional pup, distinguishing himself from his canine counterparts and adding to his unique charm.

Nevertheless, life has been a challenging journey for this affectionate Rottweiler. Abandoned by his family at a crucial time, he found himself navigating the streets in search of a place to call home.

Yeti’s hardships reached a heartbreaking climax with a severe accident, leaving him alone, frightened, and in agonizing pain. At that critical juncture, fate stepped in to alter the course of his story!

The Origin of Yeti

A compassionate team of rescuers stumbled upon Yeti, helpless and injured, lying in a ditch in Waco, Texas. He had been struck by a school bus and left exposed to freezing temperatures, resulting in his pelvis and front leg being shattered, and him enduring significant trauma from the impact.

Thankfully, a local rescue organization opted to offer Yeti a lifeline!

Acting just in time, they retrieved him and promptly provided him with vital veterinary care, greatly alleviating his suffering. Stephanie Cobbs, a caring individual, took Yeti under her wing temporarily, sparing no effort in aiding his recovery and helping him regain his strength.

His caretakers initially attempted to mend his broken leg, providing temporary relief. However, the persistent pain necessitated eventual amputation.

Adding to his challenges, Yeti had an innate condition called vitiligo, characterized by depigmented patches on his skin. While rare, this condition posed no harm to him.

Despite his hardships, Yeti never lost his infectious smile. Since his rescue, he has been an adorable bundle of love and gratitude, evident from the joy radiating from his face.

Winning Hearts with a Smile

Melissa sought a dog suited for her Pacific Northwest dwelling, and a friend recommended Yeti. Captivated by his story, she flew to Texas with hopes of finding the perfect match—and the rest, as they say, is history!

Upon meeting, Yeti and Melissa forged an instant connection. He nestled into her arms, seemingly conveying, “Yes, you’re my forever hooman!” They returned to their PNW abode, commencing a beautiful journey together.

Despite the typical adjustment period of a few months for rescue dogs in a new environment, Yeti settled in remarkably fast—it only took him two weeks! He immediately embraced his new home and bonded with his feline siblings.

Melissa was taken aback to discover that her new dog took bedtime very seriously.

“He wants to be as comfortable as possible and drift into dream land where he can chase, bark and play with whatever he’s going after,” Melissa shared in an Instagram post.

He’s absolutely passionate about the beach!

“Yeti is obsessed (to put it lightly) with the beach. He was taking OFF down the shore line, chasing waves, grabbing sticks, and enjoying the freedom,” Melissa shared on Instagram.

However, when it comes down to it, Yeti’s top priority is his family. He cherishes those extended cuddle sessions with his mom and relishes every moment spent indoors. Despite not having a home in the past, Yeti seamlessly adjusted to indoor living.

Yet, don’t be fooled! He’s far from being a recluse. Yeti thrives on activity and excels at forging new connections.

He holds no grudges against anyone in his life and eagerly awaits the opportunity to greet everyone with his infectious smiles and affectionate kisses.

Yeti possesses a secret talent, indeed!

Occasionally, he thoroughly enjoys singing, exhibiting remarkable confidence and flair!

“He for whatever reason will always bellow out his best siren impression when he hears first responder sounds,” his mom captioned the video.

One thing is certain – Yeti adores every aspect of his life. And now, he can finally live it with utter freedom!

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