Abused English/French Mastiff Mix Finds Unexpected Allies in His New Home

A few months back, a touching video surfaced on Reddit, showing two dogs consoling their anxious sibling.

In the footage, we see Huxley, a small Shih Tzu, and Winnie, a white, deaf dog, tenderly looking after their larger brother, Rex, a mix of English and French Mastiff.

Rex grapples with severe anxiety stemming from a troubled past, marked by a distressing upbringing and mistreatment from multiple owners.

From Cruel Masters to Caring Companions

A University of Helsinki study revealed that dogs, especially those subjected to abuse during their upbringing, are particularly susceptible to a variety of anxiety-like traits. Out of 13,715 pet dogs surveyed in Finland, a staggering 72.5% exhibited such behaviors.

Rex, now with his fourth owner, endured abuse during his puppyhood from his previous caregivers. His second owners resorted to physical punishment and even used a shock collar, resulting in Rex developing fear responses to loud noises, brooms, clapping, and more. Their mistreatment led to considerations of euthanasia due to perceived aggression.

Tragically, Rex’s traumatic experiences manifested in resource guarding, fear, and aggression, making integration into subsequent families challenging, despite their willingness to provide support.

So, he found his way to his current owner, who has dedicated the past 2.5 years to his rehabilitation.

His progress has been remarkable, significantly improving since he first joined the family.

While he still displays signs of anxiety, Rex now comfortably interacts with both his fellow canine companions and his human siblings.

“With anxiety, the dog generally wants nothing to do with whatever it’s scared of, and will try to get out of that situation as quickly as it can,” the owner explained to Newsweek. “He was my first dog post divorce, when I was single, so we kind of helped each other a lot.”

Rex is anxious so his siblings try and take care of him. (OC)
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Tied Together by Affection

In the footage, it’s evident how much the other two dogs adore Rex. Whenever they notice his anxiety, they rush to him, eager to comfort him with affectionate kisses.

However, the owner reveals that the bond extends beyond what meets the eye. Huxley, a playful Shih Tzu, embodies boundless love and fearlessness, simply delighted to be a cherished member of this joyful and affectionate family.

Winnie, the white dog, is deaf, leaning on Rex for guidance. Their bond is tight; she shadows him faithfully.

Despite Rex’s vocal nature, occasionally expressing fear through growls (non-aggressively), Winnie, unable to hear, accepts him wholly, embracing his character.

Rex, attuned to Winnie’s needs, aids her, acting as her ears and clarifying situations. Their symbiotic relationship is evident.

Winnie and Huxley have significantly contributed to Rex’s healing journey, coaxing him from his reticence.

This remarkable trio and their overflowing love have captured the admiration of countless online followers, garnering nearly 21K upvotes on Reddit.

“I can’t tell you how much this information sparks joy in me. Winnie, Rex, and Huxley are some of my current favorite people. Oh, and you’re pretty awesome, too, for giving these wonderful dogs a happy home,” remarked a Reddit user.

It fills me with joy knowing that Rex, after all he’s been through, found himself in the care of such a wonderful family, alongside the best owner and canine siblings.

“I’ve always said I’m really lucky to have such a cool dog,” the owner shared.

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