Paralyzed Emaciated Dog Found In Trash Gets Its Second Chance

Some tales have the power to break our hearts into countless fragments, and Halia’s narrative is undoubtedly one of those.

This unfortunate canine spent days in solitude, longing for a kind soul to offer a helping hand.

When a compassionate passerby finally spotted her, Halia was at her lowest ebb, lying amidst water and debris, her movements restricted. All she craved in those dire moments were comforting words, a touch of compassion, and a friend.

And miraculously, within hours, she found all that and more!

Halia’s Tale of Heartbreak

Donna Lochmann, the dedicated rescuer and Chief Life-Saving Officer at Stray Rescue of St. Louis, received a distress call regarding Halia and wasted no time springing into action.

In her extensive career, Donna has encountered numerous challenging scenarios, but upon encountering Halia amidst the refuse, she and her team were profoundly shaken. Donna’s heart immediately went out to the poor girl, feeling a deep sense of sadness.

Halia was found with her back legs rendered immobile, only able to move her head.

The team surmised that she had been struck by a car and managed to crawl away from the street, eventually finding refuge in nearby bushes. There, she endured hunger until her rescuers arrived.

Donna and her colleagues cautiously approached Halia, observing her evident trauma and fear of humans. They prioritized earning her trust before proceeding.

After a while, Donna gently wrapped her in a cozy blanket and carefully placed her in a vehicle.

“You Are So Beautiful, We Love You”

The team swiftly took her to the facility, gently dried her off, and wrapped her in snug blankets. She was shivering from the cold, so they made it their priority to warm her up.

Afterward, they provided her with a small portion of food to prevent refeeding syndrome.

It was at that moment, in the shelter, that this lovely girl was christened – Halia. She evoked memories of their beloved late dog, Harris, inspiring the choice of a name that honored cherished recollections.

The Stray Rescue of St. Louis team conducted a comprehensive veterinary examination on Halia.

During the examination, the veterinarian performed an X-ray to determine the cause of her paralyzed legs, but unfortunately, they were unable to pinpoint it. Apart from her back wounds, there were no clear indicators of why she had lost sensation in her back legs.

The following morning, Halia exhibited a surge of energy, lifting her head and offering a gentle smile. This sudden improvement brought optimism to everyone at the facility, marking the first noticeable improvement since her rescue.

The team went the extra mile, treating her to a delightful outing in the sunshine with a cozy ride in a wagon, which she relished.

Tragically, on the third day, she deteriorated rapidly. Unable to even lift her head or eat, her vitality drained away, and that same day, Halia succumbed to her battle.

Her rescuers were devastated, yet they held dear the final moments they shared with her. They ensured her comfort with tender last words, saying, “We are so sorry. You are so beautiful. We love you,” as reported by the SRSL team.

Halia peacefully crossed the rainbow bridge, surrounded by dear friends who adored her, her last memory a tranquil one. Rest peacefully, dear Halia. Your memory will forever remain cherished in our hearts.


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