Neighborhood Dogs Get Daily School Bus Ride to Their Walkies In the Park

In Calgary, Alberta, Canada, it’s a common sight to witness yellow buses ferrying children to and from school daily. However, there’s a distinctive bus that has captivated everyone’s attention.

Rather than bustling with lively children, the powder-blue Ruff and Puff bus transports enthusiastic dogs to the park most mornings. Its fluffy passengers eagerly anticipate boarding for a ride each time.

“Once they can hear the bus is coming, a lot of them will wait by the window for me,” Denzel Morrison, founder of Ruff and Puff, told The Dodo. “They’re really happy to see the bus come.”

The energetic puppies eagerly dash to their preferred spots on the bus and secure themselves for yet another exciting journey together.

When Morrison established Ruff and Puff back in 2020, he anticipated delightful days spent with dogs in his urban surroundings.

“I saw a video of a guy driving a yellow van full of dogs, and it looked kind of like a school bus,” Morrison shared with Calgary’s CTV News. “and I was like, ‘Wow, that does actually look like a great job.'”

Morrison acquired a school bus and converted it into a sanctuary for dog transportation. He installed sliding gates at the end of each seat and attached secure harnesses to ensure a safe and cozy journey for every passenger.

Ruff and Puff wasted no time in gathering up energetic pups of all shapes and sizes, whisking them away to nearby private fenced-in parks for some off-leash excitement.

Check out some of their thrilling escapades here:

On sunny days, the Ruff and Puff gang eagerly flock to the nearby water park, treating themselves to a delightful frolic in the array of shallow pools.

Come winter, their hearts delight in the pristine, snow-covered landscape. With boundless energy, they romp and cavort through the fluffy terrain, reveling in playful antics with their closest companions. After an hour of spirited fun, the Ruff and Puff crew regroup at their bus, ready to embark on the homeward journey.


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After a long day’s work, Morrison and his teammate, Becky, delight in giving their tired dogs an extra treat: Puppuccinos.

“We get our Puppuccinos, then they’re pretty much in snooze mode,” Morrison chuckled.


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Every now and then, the Ruff and Puff team gets the chance to mark a birthday or two aboard the bus. Regardless of the reason, this pack of dogs and their spirited camp leaders excel at turning each day into an unforgettable adventure.

Ruff and Puff aspires to continually welcome new members into its cheerful group in the coming years. The current camaraderie among the members is delightful, especially during bus rides to the finest dog parks. The greater the number of participants, the more enjoyable the experience becomes.

As expected, Morrison wouldn’t have it any other way. Spending his days with his furry companions brings him immense joy.

“Seeing them really pumped, just staring at the bus,” Morrison expressed. “I love that”

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