Adorable Service Dog Adopts Kittens Abandoned in a Forest

While strolling through the woods, a courageous husky stumbled upon a box teeming with kittens and made the heartwarming choice to become their adoptive guardian.

Meet Banner, the endearing service dog with a heart of pure gold residing in Georgia, USA. Not only does she tirelessly assist her owner Whitney Braley in navigating her Ella disability, but Banner also possesses a natural talent for rescuing and nurturing other creatures in distress.

Whitney has been inseparable from this delightful husky since he was a pup. She’s dedicated herself to training Banner to assist not just her, but others as well, in various situations. With Whitney’s guidance, Banner excels at providing support during moments of anxiety or PTSD episodes.

“She’ll sound the alarm for PTSD attacks, anxiety attacks, migraines, directional work, impulsivity, drug recovery, self-harm interruptions, and a few others. We did a lot of rescues and she was always attached to the kitten. Banner raised my first kitten two years ago with a bottle I found in a ditch. ”

Whitney, a devoted animal enthusiast, found a perfect companion in Banner due to their shared passion. Together, they make a formidable team, especially when it comes to their joint rescue efforts.

During one of their forest walks, fate presented them with a sealed cardboard box holding seven precious newborn kittens.

Banner swiftly alerted Whitney and guided her to the location of the kittens nestled in the woods. Upon opening the box, Whitney carefully began to remove each kitten, one by one.

Reflecting on the rescue in an interview with Metro, Whitney recounted, “Someone must have put them in a cardboard box, screwed the lid on, and left them there to die. They probably thought no one was going to find them. I don’t even know how Banner knew they were there. Kitty Freezes doesn’t meow or anything.”

Since the rescue, Banner has remained faithfully by Whitney’s side, opting to adopt the kittens as her own.

She exudes a nurturing and affectionate demeanor, ensuring the cat’s well-being while maintaining her own pristine state.

Whitney provides a fostering haven for the puppies, tending to their needs in her home and diligently seeking out nurturing forever families for each one.

“I’ll find the right home for kittens to love them forever. Our local shelter usually sacrifices three days, so it’s best for me to take care of them myself. That’s why I always end up taking care of babies. I don’t want them to die. .”

This courageous and affectionate husky is destined to be a hero in the hearts of all who hear his tale. With his remarkable abilities and generous spirit, he has ensured the safety and joy of these precious felines. Undoubtedly, this rescue will be celebrated and revered for years to come.

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