This Dog Saved from Euthanization Displays Unmasked Pure Joy

Recently, I came across a statement that perfectly encapsulates the emotions tied to rescuing dogs: it’s 50% sadness and 50% relief. And I couldn’t agree more.

Encountering abandoned or stray animals for the first time evokes genuine heartache, seeing so many creatures suffering in such a way. The immediate impulse is to help each and every one of them.

But then there’s the other side of the coin: the immense relief that washes over you when a rescued pup finds safety and the promise of a bright future with a loving family.

These moments, where a pet’s life takes a turn for the better, are truly priceless. In this article, we’ll delve into a heartwarming rescue story where a dog narrowly escaped euthanasia and was given a second chance by a compassionate individual.

An Exuberant Beagle Overflowing with Happiness

These days, it’s unfortunately quite frequent for many pet owners to surrender their animals for euthanasia due to the high costs of medical care. Gregory, the Beagle, faced a similar fate until Joe Kirk stepped in to save him from being put down.

Just two days before his scheduled euthanization, he was rescued. It was a stroke of luck that Joe and his wife, Schenley, operate a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing animals, known as Hound Rescue and Animal Sanctuary.

Located in Findlay, Ohio, this organization is dedicated to assisting neglected animals in finding new homes, as well as providing foster care for older and less adoptable dogs.

In a Facebook statement, Schenley expressed: “Gregory is one thankful and appreciative Beagle! He KNOWS he is SAFE!

He is Heartworm Positive and will be going through treatment, but he knows he is in good hands! We will get him healthy and provide him all the love he so deserves and a wonderful future!

Gregory’s Fresh Beginning

After finding safety with the Kirks, he received prompt veterinary care for his heartworm disease.

Soon after treatment, he was listed for adoption and didn’t have to wait long before a family expressed interest.

Shortly thereafter, he found himself in his forever home.

Now, happily settled with his new family and a beagle sibling, he’s enjoying every moment.

In a poignant declaration, Schenley expressed: We are often asked how many dogs we have saved. The answer that always comes to mind is, we have saved one more.

One more dog is safe and will have all of the love and respect that they are so deserving of. One more dog will be properly fed and receive needed veterinary care.

One more dog will have a loving forever home. There is no better feeling and nothing in life that is more fulfilling.

If we can take away anything from this story, it’s that a little kindness goes a long way with dogs and that you can always do more to help those in need.

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