Heartbroken Dog Spent His Whole Life Abused and Chained Under a Broken Sofa

Not every dog enjoys the luxury of frolicking in their backyard or snuggling up with their beloved human on the couch. For some, despite being part of the family, their days are spent tethered to a chain, devoid of the warmth and security of a loving home.

Meet Max, the petite black pup who exemplifies this plight!

This unfortunate soul has known nothing but isolation from his family, residing beneath a dilapidated sofa and bedding down on scraps of cardboard. Throughout his entire existence, Max has never experienced the solace of a welcoming, snug home.

Lifelong Solitude

Upon encountering Max in distress, Andrea Peralta, a dedicated advocate for Animal Defenders, wasted no time in approaching his owners to learn about his plight.

According to Max’s family, the pup had been grappling with chronic health concerns since birth, prompting consideration of euthanasia.

Recognizing the urgency of Max’s situation, Andrea swiftly offered assistance. With the owner’s consent, she arranged for Max to be taken to the rescue facility without hesitation.

She brought the dog to the facility for a thorough examination. Apart from his obvious skin problems, Max was infested with ticks, plagued by parasites, and shedding hair incessantly.

During the veterinary check-ups, Max displayed shyness and reserved behavior, indicating a lack of socialization with humans. Thankfully, Andrea was determined to assist him. From that moment on, his life took a surprising and positive turn!

The Path to Healing

During the initial weeks at the shelter, Max displayed no signs of progress. He consistently declined food and water, exhibiting profound despondency.

Upon undergoing a subsequent examination, the veterinarian identified liver and pancreas issues stemming from inadequate care by Max’s previous owner.

“They discovered that he was developing liver and pancreas problems so he had to be hospitalized again. This is because her previous family used Ivermectin to treat her skin issues and this could cause such damage to such a young puppy,” shared the AD team on Instagram.

Because of his health concerns, Max adhered to a custom feeding schedule featuring food tailored for liver ailments. The generous community swiftly rallied, providing funds for his specialized diet, ensuring Max received constant care.

Within just a month, he underwent a remarkable transformation, emerging as a vibrant, revitalized version of himself. Max gained weight healthily and shed his former timidity entirely.

“He has a whole life ahead of him to be happy and feel healthy, like he has never felt,” his rescuers shared on Instagram.

Max tentatively ventured into the backyard at last. Initially, he lingered in a corner, observing his furry companions frolic. But soon, a remarkable change occurred!

In a matter of days, Max enthusiastically joined in the fun, showcasing remarkable playfulness. He transformed into a delightful lovebug, relishing every moment of his newfound joy.

Now, Max is poised for adoption. We have no doubt that he’ll soon find a devoted family who will cherish him endlessly. After all, he’s more than deserving of such affection!

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