Neighbor Shocked to Find the ‘Rags’ Hanging From Rooftop Are Three Abused Pups

Regrettably, not all creatures experience the joys of a cozy home, playful escapades, and the warmth of a caring family. For some, life consists of enduring the harsh streets or, even worse, enduring the indifference of neglectful owners.

Such was the fate of Terry and his brother, the protagonists of our tale. Chained to a rooftop for over two years, they weathered the elements, their once cheerful dispositions fading alongside their appearance.

Neglected and forgotten, their once-glossy fur became tangled, dirty, and unrecognizable.

Yet, amidst the bleakness, a glimmer of hope emerged. Their lives were on the brink of change.

Finally Rescued

After enduring neglect, a concerned neighbor alerted authorities, prompting a swift response from an animal rescue team.

“The dogs had incredibly matted fur. You can’t even begin to understand how they had been feeling up there for so long,” remarked Zoë, a rescuer from West Coast Paws Dog Rescue, to The Dodo.

Upon their rescue, the courageous brothers were swiftly taken to the West Coast shelter, where they received much-needed grooming and cleansing.

Within hours, their transformation revealed their true, handsome selves to all who witnessed it.

Sporting their fresh hairstyles, the duo ventured to the veterinarian for a comprehensive check-up. Once given the all-clear, the siblings were made available for adoption by West Coast Paws.

“We had Terry listed for adoption for almost seven months before we received any application for him. [His] age was really a factor in people not wanting to apply for him,” Zoë remarked.

New Life

Nonetheless, neither the staff nor the brothers lost heart, confident that the perfect family would reach out to them soon enough.

And so it came to pass!

While perusing the shelter’s website, Lee and Danny stumbled upon Terry’s adoption listing. It was an instant connection, prompting them to rush to the shelter with the clear intention of bringing Terry home.

““We gravitated toward Terry partly because they were having trouble adopting him out. There was just something about him that sort of touched my heart. The little rags on the rooftop, then seeing him in the shelter all fluffy and happy — I figured I could give him a good life,” Lee shared with The Dodo.

With excitement abound, Terry eagerly packed his belongings and embarked on a journey across two planes to reach his new family. Throughout the journey, both Terry and his caretakers, Ariane and Tami, couldn’t contain their joy, evident in the constant wagging of Terry’s tail.

“Thankfully, everything went really smoothly. All the flights were on time,” Ariane shared with The Dodo.

Upon arrival, Terry, now Teddy, received a warm welcome from his new parents, along with a heap of delightful dog toys.

With joy in his heart, Danny exclaimed, “[I] couldn’t be happier. I’m just thrilled with how quickly he’s latched onto us. It’s gonna be fun!” as he greeted Teddy at the airport.

After embracing his new family, Teddy has blossomed into a playful puppy, shedding his old dog persona.

Danny expressed, “I think his future is one of a lot of human companionship. We’re just really so happy to have Teddy share the rest of his life with us as a part of our family.”

In conclusion

Witnessing Teddy’s transformation from a troubled past to a fulfilling life brings immense joy. From being chained on a roof to finding genuine appreciation in a loving home, Teddy’s journey is truly heartwarming.

Congratulations, Teddy, on your happily ever after!

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