Rescuers Finally Save a Stubborn Stray Dog Only to Discover an Adorable Secret

While driving along a rural road near Noble, Oklahoma, Alysse Matlock spotted a fluffy figure meandering in the middle of the pavement. Drawing nearer, she discerned it was a miniature Australian Shepherd. Concerned for its safety, she stopped her car and attempted to coax it inside, but the pup, unable to grasp her intentions, fled in fear. Nevertheless, Alysse captured a photo and shared it on Facebook upon returning home, seeking help in locating the lost dog. Thankfully, others had also encountered the furry wanderer.

Rescue Mission

After sharing the adorable pup’s photo, the comments section overflowed with responses from others who had spotted the same dog roaming the neighborhood. Yet, amidst the flurry of interaction, nobody could trace her origins.

Days later, the pup, now christened Journey, was sighted in Noble, a staggering 10 miles from where Alysse first encountered her. With colder weather approaching, concern brewed among the town’s animal enthusiasts for Journey’s well-being, knowing she required shelter to endure the chill.

Worry heightened when someone noticed Journey’s swollen belly, signaling an imminent delivery of puppies. Armed with this knowledge, Alysse embarked on a mission to find the pup, determined to secure her safety.

After a prolonged search, Alysse spent three hours attempting to win Journey’s trust in the wee hours of the morning. Despite her efforts, as 1 a.m. approached and Journey remained hesitant, Alysse reluctantly resolved to return another day.

Finally Safe

The following day, upon her return, Alysse spotted someone peeking from behind a sizable heap of rubbish. Upon closer examination, she recognized Journey, who had fashioned a temporary refuge from the biting cold.

“She’d spent the night curled up in a busted recliner by the side of the highway”, Alysse wrote in a video.

Once more, Alysse attempted to coax Journey into the car, yet the stubborn pup refused to budge.

Eventually, Alysse and a few locals spotted Journey atop a hill, sparking an idea.

Through teamwork and an abundance of hotdogs, the rescue crew managed to corral the mischievous pup and load her into the car.

“It was such a relief when she was finally caught. All of us strangers that had stopped on the side of the road that morning started hugging,” Alysse recounted to The Dodo.

New Life

After finally obtaining custody of the pup, Alysse promptly brought her to the vet. The vet confirmed that the soon-to-be momma would deliver within the next five to seven days.

The following morning, Alysse awoke to peculiar squeaks. Two tiny pups nestled beside Journey, with the remaining four siblings arriving shortly after. Journey had become a proud mother to a delightful and robust litter.

In the comfort of a cozy and secure setting, the courageous mother and her offspring could at last relax—a crucial step in Mama’s healing journey.

For the time being, this small family will remain protected, with plans for adoption through Noble Now Inc., a partner of Friends of Noble Animal Shelter, should their original owners not be located.

Heartfelt gratitude extends to every person who played a role in ensuring this sweet Aussie found a nurturing haven to welcome her precious pups.

You’re all truly heroes!

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