Miracle Was on His Side as Sweet Woman Saved This Doggo from Euthanasia

Stray pups yearn most for the simple comforts of human kindness and safety as they roam the desolate streets. Their hearts ache for a gentle touch, to be cherished as they deserve.

Once rescued and sheltered, every canine dreams of a forever home, of warmth and affection from their human companions, and the joy of belonging.

The grim reality that many shelters face, where senior or ailing dogs often face euthanasia, weighs heavily on my heart.

Noodle, a pup from such circumstances, faced an uncertain fate due to his health and lack of prospective adopters.

Yet, as he lay in his kennel, unaware of his impending fate, fate had a different plan, one that involved a woman with boundless compassion coming to his rescue.

Preserving Noodle’s Existence

Noodle, a gentle stray dog, found his way to a Detroit shelter, his body plagued by a degenerative brain ailment that stole his consciousness and balance. Despite his endearing nature, no one came forward to claim him or offer him a home.

With his stray hold expiring, the veterinarian made a somber recommendation: euthanasia. Tiffany Perkins, the compassionate founder of PAWS Friend Network, a sanctuary and advocacy group for disabled and elderly shelter dogs, couldn’t shake the thought of Noodle from her mind. Determined to give him a chance, she hastily made plans to rescue him at the break of dawn.

Becoming Smitten with the Cute Little Pooch

Upon bringing Noodle to her home in Detroit, she immediately found herself enamored with him, feeling a sense of belonging together. His gentle demeanor and affectionate nature formed an instant bond between them.

Initially uncertain if Noodle would require hospice care, Perkins showered him with affection, determined to offer him the best life imaginable. Noodle seamlessly integrated with her other dog, Luke, forging a deep friendship marked by cuddles and mutual comfort.

Given Noodle’s undernourished state, Perkins suspected he had endured weeks on the streets. Implementing a tailored diet plan, she watched as he gradually regained weight and vitality.

The endearing pup seized every chance to lavish his mom with kisses, his gestures reflecting gratitude and love.

Perkins gained a wealth of understanding about Noodle’s illness. His fainting spells were triggered by excitement, prompting her to establish a routine to provide him with stability. Ensuring her furry companion enjoyed a tranquil environment became her priority.

Adjusting her bed to a lower height, Perkins empowered her canine friend to move in and out comfortably. Seeking to maintain his calm demeanor, she acquired a lower couch positioned near the window, allowing Noodle and his sibling to gaze outside.

“Seeing him happy and seeing the world out of his window is one of the greatest joys that I’ve ever had in my life.” Perkins expressed.

Noodle cherished moments of rainfall alongside his mother and sibling, feeling secure and cherished in her embrace.

Noodle Enjoys a Joyful Existence

The loving dog frequently joined Perkins on strolls. Perkins brought him to the seaside, where he reveled in the experience. His eyes gleamed with joy, a wide grin adorning his face as he savored the coastal scenery.

Perkins cherishes Noodle, likening him to “the biggest, sweetest marshmallow.”

She attributes much of her resilience during a challenging period to the affectionate canine companion. Feeling fortunate to have Noodle by her side, she cherishes their bond deeply.

“Noodle is such a comfort to me personally… His timing and coming here was so perfect. We were grieving the loss of our previous dog and he really helped heal us through that process. And I think it’s because he’s just so kind and so sweet and just such a such a big teddy bear,” Perkins shared.

We’re overjoyed that Noodle has found his perfect forever home, where he’s cherished and adored just as he should be. A heartfelt appreciation goes out to Perkins for shining a light on senior and disabled shelter dogs, and for providing Noodle with the loving home he always longed for.

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