Can Rabbits Eat Paper Towels? (All You Need To Know)

Rabbits love to chew or nibble on everything. So if you have a free-roam rabbit, you may have seen it chewing on furniture, carpet, cardboard, and other household things to entertain itself. But the question is can rabbits eat paper towels? Is it safe for them? Can they eat paper towel rolls? Let’s find it out in this article.

Paper towels are unsafe for rabbits as they contain harmful content like dioxins and furans, which causes severe digestive issues if fed in large amounts. However, if a rabbit consumes it in small quantities, it doesn’t cause a major problem. So, keep the paper towels out of your rabbit’s reach.

This article will briefly discuss whether rabbits can have a paper towel, why they like to nibble on it, can you use paper towels for their bedding and many more. So, let’s get into it.

Can my rabbit eat paper towels?

Eating paper towels in small amounts is considered less harmful for rabbits.

However, consuming paper towels frequently in access amounts is toxic as rabbits can’t digest them, which causes health issues like internal blockages or GI stasis.

In addition, paper towels are made up of some chemicals, including chlorine, which is toxic to your rabbit’s digestive system.

Although your rabbit won’t suffer any significant consequences from the occasional consumption of paper towels, other things are safer for a rabbit to play with and consume.

It is considered safe if your rabbit only shreds the paper towels and does not consume them.

However, ensure your rabbit eats lots of hay because hay keeps the digestive tract moving.

Towel paper contains toxins like dioxins and furans, which harms rabbit health by weakening its immune system and have long-lasting consequences. 

In addition, these impacts can include everything from cancer to issues with reproduction and development.

Pesticides, toilet paper, paper towels and even GMOs contain dioxins and furans.

Usually, these toxins do not affect the body immediately, but repeated consumption can seriously harm your rabbit’s body.

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Are paper towels safe for rabbits?

Paper towels can be toxic to rabbits if they consume them in large amounts as they contain harmful chemicals which cause health issues.

However, consuming paper towels occasionally in small amounts is not a cause for concern.

But rabbits can’t digest paper towels, which causes digestive complications if fed in large amounts.

So, keeping the paper towels away from your rabbit’s access is essential to prevent them from eating them.

Although it doesn’t cause a major problem if your rabbit consumes it in small amounts, prevention is better than cure, as it could cause internal blockages and GI stasis if consumed frequently in large quantities.

In addition, GI stasis is when a rabbit’s digestive system slows down or stops, leading to life-threatening issues.

Why does my rabbit eat paper towels?

Your rabbit must have something to munch on to keep their teeth from grinding and to keep them under control.

Usually, rabbits are more interested in playing with paper towels than in consuming them. 

Rabbits require stimulation, which makes them constantly looking for a sustained challenge.

However, it does not imply that your rabbit won’t eventually consume the paper. In addition, your rabbit may be eating paper because it is hungry.

So, here are some reasons that your rabbit is eating paper towels or paper:


Rabbit’s teeth grow 1 mm each day, which requires something to file their teeth regularly; otherwise, they’ll have overgrown teeth, which also causes dental and health issues.

Chewing paper towels entertain your rabbit and also help to trim its teeth.

Providing high-fibre hay unlimited access to your rabbit is essential, which keeps its digestive system working properly and trims its teeth.


A rabbit can become so bored that it would munch on anything and everything.

And because of boredom, your rabbit may start consuming paper towels or paper.

Rabbits are social animals. They require daily social interactions, toys and exercises to their boredom.

In addition, if you have a single rabbit, it may become unhappy or bored if its stimulation requirements are not fulfilled.

A free-roam rabbit could also chew objects like cable wires or furniture to entertain themselves.


Your rabbit may be eating paper towels or paper because it is hungry. 

If so, make sure your pet has access to new hay regularly. Your rabbit’s diet may be deficient in fibre. 

As a result, they start looking for it in non-traditional places like paper and cardboard.

Love to chew: 

Rabbits enjoy chewing. These tiny creatures engage in it regularly because it comes naturally to them.

The issue is that they will even munch on paper or paper towels which is toxic to their health.

Chewing smooths a rabbit’s teeth as they will continue to grow longer if they don’t frequently chew, which is terrible for its dental health.

Can rabbits eat paper towel rolls?

You can give your rabbit a few bites of paper towel rolls, but if it starts to eat it seriously, take it away from them.

Paper towel rolls or toilet paper rolls provide excellent chewing material for rabbits. In addition, tossing things about will be so much fun for them.

Since paper towel rolls are made of unbleached paper, they are not immediately harmful but make excellent toys for rabbits.

However, gastrointestinal issues may result if your rabbit consumes excessive amounts of cellulose in paper towel rolls. 

Paper towel rolls should also be cautiously handled because of potential surface stickiness.

In addition, it is essential to remove this glue before providing them with a roll to play with, as it could be toxic.

Can I use paper towels for my rabbit’s bedding?

Paper towels can be temporarily utilised as rabbit bedding if you run out of stock. 

However, paper towel use over an extended period can harm your rabbit’s health in several ways. 

Most rabbits chew on their bedding, and paper towels are dangerous if consumed in large amount as it causes internal blockages, breathing problems or GI stasis.

Also, paper towels split when wet, aren’t as absorbent as alternative bedding, and don’t effectively cover the scent of rabbit urine.

The safe bedding material for rabbits should be a dust-free, highly absorbent, controlled odour, soft, comfortable, and easy to clean and replace.

However, sometimes, you may require bedding in an emergency, which may not be ideal for your rabbit.

In addition, when you need to quickly discover something after running out of stock, paper towels can be a great substitute for a short period; for a day.

You should know that they are not ideal for rabbit bedding if utilised for an extended period.

You can use the paper towel as a temporary option for your rabbit’s bedding, and it should be layered out with other options by putting it in the bottom of the enclosure.

However, before placing it in your rabbit’s enclosure, ensure it is dust-free, odour-free, and doesn’t contain bleach or ink.

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Can rabbits eat newspapers?

Newspapers are considered safe if consumed in small amounts. However, too much consumption is dangerous as it causes stomach issues or blockages.

Rabbits have a sensitive gut system, so they can’t digest paper in large amounts.

If you see that your rabbit is consuming newspapers, you should stop them immediately and try to understand why.

Also, by rubbing your finger on your newspaper, you must ensure that the ink used is toxic-free.

If the ink is smudged and not clean even after washing your hand, it must be petroleum-based, which should not be given to your rabbit.

Can rabbits eat paper bags?

Paper bags, like any paper, can give your rabbit gastrointestinal issues if fed in a large amount.

Rabbits enjoy leaping on paper bags, hiding inside, hopping in and out and sometimes chewing on them.

Paper bags are a piece of entertainment for rabbits, which can be used as toys and attached to their cage.

However, you must ensure that your rabbit shouldn’t consume it too much as it causes health issues.

Instead, it would be best to put hay and straw inside the paper bag and provide it to your rabbit.

It will give your rabbit a good food source and enable it to take advantage of everything the bag offers.

Can rabbits eat tissue paper?

Rabbits should not eat tissue paper as it is made up of bleaches and contains harmful chemicals used in its procedure, which are toxic to their health.

Tissue paper, like regular paper, won’t give your rabbit the same dental advantages that cardboard offers. 

Aside from entertainment, there are no benefits to providing your rabbit tissue paper.

Your small pet can safely shred and play with most types of paper. 

The paper should only be given to rabbits on rare occasions, whereas tissue paper containing dyes and artificial components should be avoided.

Can my rabbit eat cardboard?

Cardboard boxes are considered safe for a rabbit to chew if it doesn’t contain ink print at a high level.

However, it’s riskier for your rabbit to consume cardboard. 

In addition, digesting is even more challenging than paper because it is much thicker and sturdy.

Rabbits will enjoy jumping in and out of cardboard boxes and chewing on them, making them fantastic and affordable toys.

However, you need to ensure that the cardboard doesn’t contain any tape, staples, or other packaging material, as these can harm them.

How to stop my rabbit from eating paper towels?

Keeping paper towels, cardboard and other paper-based material from your rabbit’s reach is essential.

Yet, you must also identify the reason(s) for their initial consumption. 

In addition, the most frequent reason for a single rabbit to act alone is boredom.

Thus, you should pay them extra attention, occasionally get them a new toy, or find a mate.

Also, provide enough hay, fresh leafy greens, and water to your rabbit because they usually chew other things when hungry or want to trim their teeth.

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  1. Eating paper towels in small amounts is considered less harmful for rabbits.
  2. Paper towels can be temporarily utilised as rabbit bedding if you run out of stock. 
  3. Paper towels can be toxic to rabbits if they consume them in large amounts as they contain harmful chemicals which cause health issues.
  4. Rabbits can’t digest paper towels, which causes digestive complications if fed in large amounts.
  5. Keeping the paper towels away from your rabbit’s access is essential to prevent them from eating them.

Reference: NCBI

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