Can Rabbits Eat Tomato?

Rabbits are very precious animals. They are herbivores that mainly focus on vegetables and plant-based food. The primary foods of a rabbit’s diet are fresh green vegetables, grass hay, and water. Also, they enjoy fruits as a Treat.

Tomatoes have many beneficial nutrients which are healthy for us. But is it safe to give tomatoes to your rabbit? Can they eat it every day? Let’s find out all your answers in this article.

Rabbits can eat tomatoes occasionally. However, tomatoes are high in sugar and contain low fiber, which can cause health issues when feeding as a staple part of their diet. Instead, consider providing your rabbit cherry tomatoes once or twice a week as it is safe for them. 

In this article, we will discuss rabbits’ dietary requirements and whether we can serve tomatoes to them or not. So, let us get into it. 

Can I feed tomatoes to my rabbit?

Rabbits are always ready to eat whenever you serve them because they love to eat their food. They never refuse; they can eat for a whole day. 

Rabbits love to eat tomatoes; they can eat all varieties of tomatoes. But they do not know whether what they are eating is healthy for them or not. 

You can serve tomatoes to rabbits as an occasional treat.

Consider feeding tomato 1/4 cup a week.

A healthy diet is essential for your rabbit’s long and healthy life, so giving healthy food is important.

Therefore, we recommend you not give your rabbit tomatoes daily. Tomato contains a high amount of sugar and low fiber, which means it doesn’t include all the nutrients that a healthy rabbit requires.

Whereas cherry tomatoes are safe and can be the best alternative to tomatoes.

You can serve only one cherry tomato 1-2 times a week to your rabbit as a treat. 

Do not try to feed tomatoes to a baby rabbit as a treat until they reach 12 weeks of age because they have a sensitive digestive system. They can’t digest tomatoes at that age.

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Rabbit Ideal dietary requirements.

Rabbit FoodServing QuantityNo. of times
Hay½ cupDaily
Green leaf lettuceTwo cupsper day
Zucchini1-2 Slices, about 1/8 to ¼ thick2-3 times/week
Cucumberone small size, a few millimeters thick2-3 times /week
Basil1-2 stemsOnce or twice/week
Watermelon½ cupOnce or twice/week
Mango1 to 2 tablespoonsOnce or twice/week
Apple1 or 2 SlicesPer week
Strawberry2 tablespoons of chopped strawberriesOnce or twice a week
This table shows the ideal dietary requirements of a rabbit.

The above table shows the Ideal dietary requirement of a rabbit. However, it would be best if you served hay to your rabbit according to its body weight. So, here are the dietary food requirements according to the rabbit’s body weight.

Rabbit weightpelletshayVeg (e.g., bell peppers, cabbage, zucchini squash, cucumber, etc.)Greens ( parsley, Leafy green lettuce, watercress, basil, etc.)
1 pound1/8 cupUnlimited1/2 tbsp1/2 cup
2 pound1/8 cupUnlimited1 tbsp1 cup
3 pound1/8 cupUnlimited1 ½ tbsp1 ½ cup
4 pound1/8 cupUnlimited2 tbsp2 cup
5 pound1/4 – 1/3 cupUnlimited2 ½ tbsp2 ½ cup
6 pound1/4 – 1/3 cupUnlimited3 tbsp3 cup
7 pound1/4 – 1/3 cupUnlimited3 ½ tbsp3 ½ cup
8 pound1/4 – 1/3 cupUnlimited4 tbsp4 cup
9 pound1/4 – 1/3 cupUnlimited4 ½ tbsp4 ½ cup
10 pound1/4 – 1/3 cupUnlimited5 tbsp5 cup
11 pound3/4 cupUnlimited5 ½ tbsp5 ½ cup
12 pound3/4 cupUnlimited6 tbsp6 cup
13 pound3/4 cupUnlimited6 ½ tbsp6 ½ cup
14 pound3/4 cupUnlimited7 tbsp7 cup
15 pound3/4 cupUnlimited7 ½ tbsp7 ½ cup
This table shows how much food to feed your rabbit according to weight.

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Can rabbits eat tomato leaves?

The tomato plants, including leaves, stems, and flowers, are toxic for your rabbit.

The poison of the tomato plant comes from tomatine which is present naturally in all the parts of a plant.

The stem and leaves of a tomato plant can be the most poisonous parts for your rabbit because they contain a high concentration of tomatine.

Try to feed only unrip tomatoes to your rabbit without its leaves or stems.

Also, if you have tomato plants near your house that your rabbit easily accesses, then you can plant onions around them. The onion smell will easily keep them away, or instead, you can put scented garlic oil on your tomato plants.

But, it is advisable to avoid tomato plants near your rabbit area. 

Can my rabbit eat tomato seeds?

Like tomato leaves, tomato seeds are also toxic to your rabbit’s health.

The seeds of tomatoes contain tomatine which is also present in all the parts of the tomato plant and is not safe for a rabbit.

Try not to give a tomato with seeds to your rabbit. You can serve tomato to them by removing all the seeds from it.

However, if you forget to remove the seeds, be calm and observe your rabbit for a whole day.

Your rabbit can poop out the seeds, but if there is a change in their behavior, such as loose stools or lethargy, it is advisable to go to your veterinarian.

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Is tomato safe for rabbits?

Tomatoes are not toxic, whereas the parts of a tomato plant, such as the stem, leaves, and flowers, can harm a rabbit’s health.

Tomatoes are safe for your rabbits but should serve in moderation.

You can serve tomato in a small amount to your rabbits as an occasional treat once a week. Otherwise, it can cause serious health issues such as diarrhea, gastrointestinal and weight problems, etc.

A healthy diet for a rabbit should include low sugar or fat and high fiber. 

Grass, hay, green vegetables, and water are the primary dietary requirements for a healthy rabbit. At the same time, treats should be served as an occasional snack.

What are the benefits of tomatoes for rabbits?

Tomato is a great treat to give to your rabbit. They love to eat tomatoes.

Tomato has many vitamins and minerals, which are an excellent addition to your rabbit. It is rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin k, folate, and potassium. 

It also contains fiber, which is best for your rabbit’s digestive system. 

Tomatoes are a good combo with grass hay and fresh greeny vegetables, which can provide all vital nutrients to your rabbit.

You can serve a thin 15g slice of tomato to your rabbit containing 2.2 mcg of folate, 35.6 mg of potassium, 1.9 mg of vitamin C, 125 IU of vitamin A, and 1.2 mcg of vitamin K.

Tomatoes are hydrating fruit. It contains a good amount of water for your rabbits in summer. When they get dehydrated, you can give them a slice of tomato.

A tomato has all the nutrition that your rabbit may require. 

Here are some nutritional values of a 100g tomato:

Tomatoes Nutritional ContentNutritional Value (100gm)
Fiber 2g
Potassium 237mg
Carbohydrate 3.89g
Sugars 63g
Energy 18kcal
Vitamin A 42µg
Water 52g
Vitamin B6 08mg
Vitamin C 7mg
This table shows the nutritional value of 100gm tomatoes.

What are the drawbacks of feeding tomatoes to your rabbit?

Rabbits can eat tomatoes occasionally as a treat, which should be served in small quantities.

Tomatoes have high sugar levels, which is unsuitable for your rabbit’s health, as it can cause dental problems, diabetes, and obesity.

Whereas tomato plants and their parts are very toxic for your rabbit.

If your rabbit consumes any part of the tomato plant, it will cause severe health issues like diarrhea, gastrointestinal and weight problems, etc.

The parts of tomato plants are toxic for rabbits because it contains:

  1. Tomatine: is a poisonous element presented in every part of a plant, which is poison for your rabbit.
  2. Solanine: is a toxic component that is present in the plant’s leaves and stem. 

So, it is recommended not to give your rabbit the leaves, stems, flowers, green fruit, seeds, or vines of tomato plants.

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How to prepare a tomato for your rabbit?

If you want to serve a tomato to your rabbit, make sure it is fresh and red.

It is easy to prepare a fruit or vegetable for your rabbit, but there are some essential things that you need to know.

Here are some steps that you need to follow before serving a tomato to your rabbit:

  1. Wash the tomato thoroughly with normal water: Many tomatoes contain dirt, germs, and pesticides. So, it is essential to clean the tomato properly.
  2. Remove the leaves and stem from your tomato: Stems and leaves of the tomato plant contain a toxic component called Solanine, which is a poison for your rabbit. So you need to remove the leaves and stems from your tomato.
  3. Cut the tomato and remove all the seeds: The seeds of tomatoes contain tomatine which is not safe for a rabbit. So, it is advisable to remove all the seeds from the tomato.
  4. Chop the tomato to the size of a cherry tomato: The given size should be the exact size of a cherry tomato. Remember to provide tomatoes in small quantities only.
  5. Now you can serve the tomato to your rabbit.

The rabbit diet should not contain more than 5% of treats.

You can provide treats occasionally, once, or twice a week.

However, cherry tomatoes are the best alternative to tomatoes.

Like tomatoes, cherry tomatoes should also serve occasionally, once a week. 

The preparation steps for cherry tomatoes are also the same.

Firstly, you must wash it. Then, you should remove the seeds, leaves, and stems. After that, you can finally cut them into small pieces. And serve them.

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  1. Tomatoes should be served as a treat because it is high in sugar and contain low fiber.
  2. It is okay to give tomatoes to your rabbit, but in moderation, once a week in small quantities.
  3. Cheery tomatoes are safe for your rabbit as a treat: you can serve cherry tomatoes instead of tomatoes; once a week as a treat.
  4. The parts of tomato plants are toxic for your rabbit. It includes the stem, leaves, veins, and flowers.
  5. Avoid giving tomatoes with seeds. Always wash and remove all the tomato seeds before serving.

Reference: NCBI

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