Do Guppy Fry Eat Algae? (Guppy Fry Dietary Requirement)

Food plays an essential role in fish life. Feeding your fish food that fulfills their ideal dietary requirement will help them to ensure faster growth and a longer lifespan.

It is essential to know about your fish’s dietary requirements to ensure their good health and prevent them from various issues. Also, it is essential to know which food your fish like to eat and which they don’t. So, Do guppy fry eat algae? Can guppy fry survive feeding on algae? Let us find out.

Guppy fry does eat algae in small portions. However, we should not rely on algae as algae will only fulfill the plant-based nutrient requirement of your guppy fry to some extent. Guppies are omnivore fish and require a variety of plant and meat matter food in their daily diet.

This article will discuss whether guppy fry eats algae and what are the ideal dietary requirement of guppy fry. So, let us get into it.

Do guppy fry feed on algae?

Guppy fry will feed on algae.

Guppies are omnivore fish and require both plant and meat matter food in their daily diet.

Algae will fulfill your guppy fry requirement of plant-based food to some extent.

However, you should not rely on algae to feed your guppy fry will not feed on algae in much quantity and will require various types of food for their proper growth.

Also, guppy fry will not feed on every type of algae present in your aquarium.

Algae like blanket weeds are something your guppy fry will avoid eating.

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Guppy fry Ideal dietary requirements.

Appropriately feeding your guppy fry is very necessary for their good health and longer lifespan.

What you feed to your guppy fry decides the health and growth of guppy fish.

Guppy fry will require more food than adult guppies for their faster growth.

Feed your guppy fry high-quality nutritional food.

Baby brine shrimp is the best food for your guppy fry.

Feed your guppy fry bloodworms, flake food, micro pellets, and daphnia to ensure their enhancing color and longer lifespan.

Guppy Fry FoodLink To Buy
Ocean Nutrition Instant Baby Brine ShrimpBaby brine shrimp
Sera Micron NatureSera micron
Hikari Bio-Pure Freeze-Dried DaphniaFreeze-dried daphnia
Hikari Bio-Pure Freeze Dried BloodwormsFreeze-dried bloodworms
This table shows the best food for guppy fry

We all know that live food contains more nutrients than freeze-dried and frozen food.

But it is not easy for everyone to feed their guppy fry live food.

So, you can go for feeding your guppy fry frozen food as it will contain almost the same amount of nutrients as live food.

Feed your guppy fry four to five times a day in small quantities.

Feeding large quantities at a single time will result in leftovers, making the water condition contaminated.

Also, make sure to crush the food into powder if you are feeding flake food to your guppy fry.

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What type of aquarium algae can guppy fry eat?

These are the types of algae found in a fish aquarium:

  1. Blanket weed algae
  2. Staghorn algae
  3. Brown algae
  4. Fuzz algae ( Hair algae)
  5. Green water algae
  6. Blue-green algae
  7. Black beard algae

Guppy fry will not feed on these every type of algae.

These are the algae on which your guppy fry will eat:

  1. Brown algae
  2. Hair algae
  3. Black beard algae
  4. Green water algae
  5. Staghorn algae

However, you must know that your guppy fry will not feed on the major portion of the algae.

To eliminate algae from your guppy fish tank, introduce algae eaters like Amano shrimp and other algae eaters.

These are some reasons behind excessive algae in your guppy fish tank:

  1. Overcrowded tank 
  2. Overfeeding 
  3. Improper maintenance and cleaning
  4. Too much direct sunlight
  5. Lack of live aquatic plants.

Can guppy fry survive by eating only algae?

Guppy fry cannot survive for long by feeding only algae.

However, here we are talking about survival and not living.

Guppies are omnivore fish and require complex food to ensure their good health and longer lifespan.

Feed your guppies both plant and meat matter food.

Guppy can survive eating algae for 2-3 days.

But you should only get dependent on algae if you are moving out for a vacation for some days.

Otherwise, feed your guppies high-quality nutritional food for good health and enhanced color.

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Can I feed algae wafers to my guppy fry?

Guppy fry can feed on algae wafers.

Crush the algae wafers into a powder so that it can fit the mouth of your guppy fry.

Algae wafers are for bottom dweller fish as per their ideal dietary requirement.

We don’t recommend feeding algae wafers to your guppy fish as it doesn’t include in the list of ideal dietary requirements of your guppy fry.

Algae wafers will not help your guppy fry in their faster growth and good health.

Instead, consider feeding your guppy fry micro pellets and crushed flake food to ensure their long and healthy lifespan.

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Guppy fry can feed on algae.

However, guppy fry will not eat a major portion of the algae, and we should not rely on algae as our guppy fry food.

Algae will fulfill the plant-based nutrition requirement of your guppy fry to some extent.

But, guppy fry will require a complex diet of meat and plant matter food to ensure their faster growth and enhanced color.

Feed your guppy fry bloodworms, baby brine shrimp, daphnia, mosquito larvae, flake food, and micro pellets to fulfill their ideal dietary requirement.

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