Grateful Kangaroo Shakes Hands With Its Rescuer After Being Pulled From A Lake

Storyful/David Boyd

In Canberra, Australia, where the kangaroos roam, one such lucky animal was saved by locals after it became stuck in a lake.

A man named Nic Crowther, along with a few others, spotted a kangaroo in Lake Burley Griffin during their early morning exercise.

Storyful/David Boyd

Crowther says the “roo” appeared to be in distress, sitting in the shallows and shivering. The men called local wildlife experts but decided to take direct action afterwards.

The others helped Crowther pull the kangaroo to safety and kept it calm while they waited for experts to arrive.

And in return, the kangaroo appeared to give a grateful handshake!

Storyful/David Boyd

Crowther suspects the animal was a little confused but wants to think it was really saying thank you.

Watch the full video of the rescue below:

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