Why Is My Male Goldfish Chasing Female Goldfish?

Goldfish are community fishes that perform well in a community tank with other compatible tankmates. However, sometimes they show surprising behavior like chasing, which requires immediate concern.

So, why is my male goldfish chasing the female goldfish? Let us find out in the below article.

Male goldfish chases the female for mating purposes. Other factors like overcrowded tanks can also make the male goldfish chase the female. Constant chasing can lead to stress in the female goldfish. Consider providing favorable water conditions and ample space in the tank to prevent chasing.

The article below will discuss the reasons behind your male goldfish chasing the female. In addition, we will also discuss the ways to prevent your male goldfish from constantly chasing the female.

My male goldfish is chasing my female goldfish

The primary reason behind your male goldfish chasing the female is mating.

Male goldfish chases the female and rub against them to encourage the female to lay eggs.

You can easily discover the purpose behind your male goldfish chasing the female. Your female goldfish will appear broader than usual if it is for mating purposes.

Pairing a slim-bodied male goldfish with a female fancy goldfish can also initiate chasing while competing for food. The slim-bodied goldfish are faster than the fancy goldfish, leaving no food for the fancies in the tank.

However, unfavorable housing conditions can also turn your male goldfish aggressive and promote chasing in the tank.

Excessive chasing can lead to severe health issues like stress in your female goldfish.

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How does the female goldfish get affected by chasing?

Constant chasing can lead to the following health issues for your female goldfish.

  1. Your female goldfish will lose its appetite.
  2. Your female goldfish will start hiding at the tank’s bottom.
  3. It can lead to injuries in your female goldfish.

Goldfish are peaceful species that love to interact with their tankmates. However, unfavorable tank conditions like poor water quality and overcrowding can make your goldfish chase each other. 

If your male goldfish is constantly chasing the female, it indicates aggressive behavior of the male goldfish.

Constantly chasing the female goldfish can make the female come under stress and lose their appetite.    

In addition, excessive chasing can also lead to stress in the female goldfish, making them hide around the tank’s bottom. 

Extreme stress can also lead to the passing away of your female goldfish. 

Chasing can also lead to severe health injuries in your female goldfish, making your female goldfish come under extreme stress. 

Your male goldfish can nip the female’s fins, making them prone to various diseases and parasites. 

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How can we prevent male goldfish from constantly chasing the female?

Goldfish are non-aggressive fishes that do not prefer aggression in their tank. Male goldfish usually chase the female for mating purposes. 

Your male goldfish chasing the female goldfish for mating is normal and cannot be prevented. 

However, if your male is chasing the female for other reasons, you need to take immediate action for the well-being of your female goldfish. 

Overstocking can be a reason behind male goldfish chasing the female. The male goldfish turn territorial if placed in an overcrowded tank. 

So, it will be advisable to provide a good-size tank to prevent chasing and for your goldfish’s proper growth and development. 

You can add hiding spots in your goldfish tank for the female goldfish as it will help the female exit the direct site of male goldfish, and your female goldfish will also get some time to relax.

You can add the following hiding spots for the well being of your goldfish

  1. Driftwood
  2. Terra Cotta Pots 
  3. Aquarium rock
  4. Aquarium decor

Hiding spots will help your goldfish to calm down if they are stressed. 

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You can also add live aquatic plants in your goldfish tank as it acts as a great hiding spot for your goldfish and helps keep the tank well oxygenated. 

Some best aquatic plants for your goldfish tank are as follows:

  1. Anubias 
  2. Java Fern
  3. Java Moss
  4. Cryptocoryne Plant

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We also advise you to perform regular water changes in your goldfish tank to prevent chasing. 

Contaminated water can also lead to stress in your fish, making them aggressive and chasing the female.

Avoid pairing slim-bodied male goldfish with the fancy female goldfish to prevent chasing. 

Common goldfish are faster than egg-shaped goldfish, making it challenging for the egg-shaped goldfish to get any food in the tank. 

You should provide enough food to your goldfish to avoid any chasing, as constant chasing can lead to severe health issues in your goldfish. 

If the chasing does not stop even after taking the above measures, it will be best to place the female in a separate tank to prevent chasing and for the well-being of your fish. 


  1. Mating is a primary reason behind your male goldfish chasing the female. 
  2. However, contaminated water and overcrowded tank can also make your male goldfish chase the female. 
  3. It would be advisable to provide enough room to your goldfish for their proper growth and development. 
  4. Your female goldfish can suffer from several health issues like loss of appetite due to constant chasing by the male.
  5.  You can prevent your male goldfish from chasing the female by providing favorable tank conditions. 

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